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  • Ayurstate Side Effects – Are There Any?

    Last updated: March 17, 2009 | Posted by Rajeev Sanghvi

    Ayurstate is a natural supplement that promotes optimal prostate health.

    Unlike most other products out there, Ayurstate is made and sold by a trusted and reputable company and comes with a 110% guarantee.

    This means if you aren’t completely happy with the results you get from Ayurstate, the company refunds 110% of your money (which is more than you actually paid for your order). This guarantee offer provides great peace of mind that you aren’t taking any financial risks when you purchase Ayurstate online.

    It is suitable for men who have either been diagnosed with a prostate condition, or who wish to keep their prostate in good health in order to minimize the risk of any disorders developing.

    Many men who are diagnosed with a prostate condition like enlarged prostate or prostatitis are given prescription medications by their doctor.

    These medications rarely cure the condition, but can mask the symptoms until the medication is stopped. They also cause many unwanted side effects. See your doctor if you have specific concerns about your prostate health or any prescription medications.

    Natural herbal remedies like Ayurstate, on the other hand, treat the cause of the condition without causing any side effects. This is because only natural ingredients are used, rather than harsh synthetic chemicals.

    So what is contained in Ayurstate that makes it work so well without side effects?

    Only natural extracts, and all 8 of them have been specifically chosen to serve a particular purpose in prostate health.

    8 Active Natural Ayurstate Ingredients

    • Dhanvantari Nighantu
    • Madanpal Nighantu
    • Raj Nighantu
    • Keyadeva Nighantu
    • Bhavaprakash Nighantu
    • Rajavallabh Nighantu
    • Nighantu Sangraha
    • Nighantu-Ratnakar

    These are the 8 most potent prostate rejuvenating herbal concentrates available in 5000 year old Ayurvedic Science and all are backed by clinical studies.

    Taking action now can help prevent you from experiencing prostate deterioration now or later in life.

    When your prostate stops functioning properly you will experience:

    • Chronic pain
    • Urination problems
    • Impotence
    • Possible organ failure and even death

    Ayurstate can significantly reduce the chance of prostate conditions happening to you, or it will improve the health of your prostate if you are already suffering from a disorder like prostate enlargement or prostatitis.

    It can:

    • Reduce Your Prostate Size
    • Strengthen Your Urine Flow
    • Decrease Urinary Frequency
    • Minimize Nocturnal Urination
    • Stop Urinary Incontinence
    • Improve Your Ejaculation
    • Alleviate Pain & Discomfort

    All ingredients are 100% natural and have been refined and perfected over thousands of years in ancient Ayurvedic medicine.

    You will experience gradual benefits over the short and long term through the use of Ayurstate, therefore you should try it for at least 4 months (I have no doubt that you will want to continue it after that).

    Ayurstate comes with a money back guarantee so you have peace of mind that if it doesn’t work, you have not lost a thing.


    One response to “Ayurstate Side Effects – Are There Any?”

    1. I am suffering from slighly enlarged prostate and dr advised me take alfusin D 10mg tabs 1 daily. There is improvement to my condition. However, since Ayurstate is natural with no side effects and 100% guarantee from you, would like to try. How do u guarantee the recovery, aftre how long to take it. HOw many tablet to be taken daily. When i start Ayurstate, shoul i discontinue alfusin D? My condition is that my urination frequency, specially in the morning. I take 500 ml water daily first in the morning on empty stomach. In the night its ok now after alfusin D. Earlier I used to get up sometimes once for urinate. I have no pain, or incompleteness but upon checking it is found that my bladder does not get fully emptied. always around 100 ml urine remains so the frequency increases. I have also been diagnosed to have mild early stage parkinsons, like some stiffness to left hand. I am taking rasagline 5 mg daily twice.

      Appreciate your advice.

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